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I’m Jennifer Pepito, wife to Scott and mother to seven children. I’ve been homeschooling my children for 23 years, and I am the creator of The Peaceful Press, a company dedicated to helping homeschool families give their children a living education.

I’ve loved the homeschooling journey, but I found that when we were in the midst of a difficult season, I would often just react to the difficulty, letting my emotions run away with me, and causing stress to my children in the process. I wanted to help my children experience God in our home, but instead, they were experiencing a stressed-out mom.

As I began to unpack why I kept responding this way, I learned strategies to take my thoughts captive, and to speak life over myself and my family. I learned to connect with Jesus in the midst of the chaos and let Him infuse me with hope that I could then pass on to my children.

I’m passionate about helping mothers find peace in the midst of their own intense lives and learn to live with eyes wide open to the comforting presence of God. I believe that when we uncover the false beliefs that steal our peace, we can start to live fully present and enjoy our children. And children who are enjoyed, become people who know they are loved, and people who know they are loved are people who will love well.

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You can hear an interview with her on The Mason Jar podcast, The Read Aloud Revival podcast, and The Homeschool Snapshots podcast.

Jennifer is still in the midst of homeschooling her youngest children, but is available to speak at a limited number of events each year. If you are interested in having Jennifer speak at your next event, fill out this form to get the conversation started:

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