Art Appreciation for Young Children

From the moment I began homeschooling, exposing my children to fine art has been a high priority. One of my fondest homeschooling memories was when we were visiting the Hillstead Museum, and one of my young children was able to point out a painting by Whistler. They could pick out his paintings because they had been exposed to pictures by him in our homeschool.

One of my favorite resources for teaching art to young children is simply using art postcards to do various picture study activities. In the following video, I demonstrate how my son and I used postcards from the Child Sized Masterpieces set (with instructions from Mommy It’s A Renoir) to learn to identify different painters and to appreciate some of the world’s finest art.

Please forgive any mispronunciation of artist’s names. This video was very spur of the moment, and I definitely could have butchered some of their names.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about how we do art appreciation and check out The Peaceful Press resources. We include weekly art images in all of our elementary guides to connect our children to beautiful works of art that coincide with the period in history that we are studying.

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