Simple Valentine’s Celebrations

I love holidays, but I am no Pinterest mom. I like the idea of crafting with my kids and enjoying celebrations, but I am honestly not interested in adding the work of elaborate preparations, nor the expense of elaborate decorations, to my already full life.

This year, we made Valentine’s day special with a few small celebrations. A pink drink party with cookies and popcorn, a crafting time, and a special story are all small ways that we have made this grey month a little, well, pinker.

A story about the saint. What are your favorite stories about Valentine’s Day?

The funny thing about crafting is that even the big kids, and the grandma, when faced with a table full of glitter glue, pom-poms and doily hearts, got excited about joining in. Crafting and creating is a sweet, media free way to spend quality time with the ones you love. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just put out the supplies and let imagination take over.

Or Pinterest. I did let my little girl look up Valentine’s cards on Pinterest and the one that got her really excited was the buggy crown. After she was finished, she gave it to her little brother, who promptly declared that he was ant-man. I don’t know what cute little ladybugs and bees have to do with a super hero, but it made sense to him.

Celebrations don’t have to be hard. This year was pretty simple. Dollar Store craft supplies and Trader Joe’s heart shaped cookies with pink grapefruit soda were the high points of our celebration, but it was indeed a very fine celebration

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